A land of stones

This is a land of sun, sea and outstanding food!

Every place holds its own history

More than 60 Million Olive Trees

Centuries old olive trees populate this land and produce one of the best olive oils in the world!


Our Trullo

Read about how we are progressing with our Trullo restructuring


Probably the best cuisine in the world!


With more than 800Km of coast, a mild climate, there is a lot you can do.

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Pasta in crosta

We have already had so many positive surprises when traveling through Puglia. Many of them are food related as we are convinced that value for money is incredibly good there and you find some of the best food in the world in Puglia. But one really positive surprise...

Trullo Inspiration

One of the fun parts of building a house or apartment is the planning beforehand. We were lucky enough, to find a builder that has restructured many trulli in the Itria Valley. He took us on a half day tour to...

Focaccia Barese

Focaccia is a very Pugliese dish. Most 'Panificios' that you pass will have them with various toppings coming out of the oven on big trays. They cut them with the scissors into large pieces that are sold over the counter. In Molfetta, where my husband grew up, there...

First Building Progress

When they were building our apartment in Switzerland, we were driving basically every weekend to the building site to check on the progress. We were so much looking forward to see the place develop and I still remember how we felt when we first stepped into our...

Walking on Sunshine

Soon in the movie theatres allover the world, Puglia will have a chance to show off it's beauty. The white stones, the turquoise sea, the silver-green olive trees, the red soil will be the frame of "Walking on Sunshine", a musical that features the 80's radio hits....