Apulia is full of great food. From all the times we were eating out, I think I was disappointed only once or twice. Generally the quality is extremely high, no matter if you go for fish or meat dishes. We usually live of fish whenever we are close to the sea. But the region offers many specialities and some of the best and authentic foods I have ever tasted. Some specialities are impossible to find abroad like e.g. the Stracciatella which is more or less like the creamy inside of the burrata.

Finding the best suppliers for your dinner is a matter of networking. We love simple things and are just as happy to have some salumi, fresh tomatoes and focaccia for dinner as we like a meal at a fancy restaurant. We usually ask locals that we meet for restaurant recommendations and never regretted it. That way we got to know hidden gems like e.g. the Osteria Pugliese in Ceglie Messapica, that most likely you won’t find in a travel guide. They serve amazingly simple cooked food and their Orecchiette con Cime di Rapa – one of the Pugliese specialities – are the best I’ve ever tasted. It’s a small family run business, right off the main ‘Piazza’ in Ceglie. Their antipasti are so incredibly good, that usually I cannot hold myself back and I’m dying already before the main course is served. Also if you do not know a local yet, do as we did in Andria, where we just pulled up next to a guy walking in the street to ask where we could buy the best taralli. He referred us to the Panificio Imbriani without any hesitation. Since then we do not only go back for the best taralli (watch out, the peperoncino ones are deadly) but also for the best focaccia, best pane grattugiato (breadcrumbs that we take home in bags) and bisquits. Apulia is full of incredible food, just ask for it!