The first thing I loved of Puglia was the man I am going to get married to next month. He comes from a town on the Adriatic sea and we met here in Switzerland through common friends. He brought me to Puglia about 5 years ago to meet his family and I immediately fell in love with the friendliness of the people, the food and the beauty of the coast as well as the inner land.

The red soil reminded me of Australia and the peace you find when sitting in a chair looking into the olive trees, with a good glass of wine, a focaccia, fresh tomatoes and a burrata in front of you is unbeatable. It is incomparable to our daily life here in Switzerland. Since my first visit, we have been back to Puglia many times, not only to visit the family more often. There is something magic about the area. I am not sure if it’s the seafood, the time people take to have a chat, the beauty of the nature or the great climate that makes me wanting to go back every time as soon as possible. I guess it’s a combination of all. The more we visited, the more we started to think how great life could be in Puglia. This is when we decided to buy a piece of land and restructure a trullo. This is how Trullo Giovanna became part of our family.

Restructuring something old has always fascinated us and we are hugely looking forward to see our project grow and to finally being able to take care of our own piece of land. Together with my mum (Johanna thus Giovanna) we bought a beautiful terraced land with all sorts of fruit trees and an old trullo on it. We will document the development of the land as well as the restructuring of our trullo on this blog. We don’t know yet where this will take us but it feels like the beginning of a new journey.