I grew up in Molfetta, a city in Puglia, in the south of Italy.

A beautiful city on the Adriatic sea with lots of history, great weather, great food but not many jobs opportunities. That’s when I decided  to leave and move north.

As I moved north my visits to Molfetta became less and less frequent.

But after some years, thanks to Natalie that loved that land since the first visit, I started to look at Puglia with different eyes. The places I knew looked much better than what I had in mind, and I had a chance to discover so many places I was not even aware of.

We were extremely fascinated by the Trulli, the typical stone houses that you can find only in the Valle d’Itria. The most famous place where to see the Trulli is Alberobello, a town almost entirely made of Trulli.

We started our search for a piece of land with a Trullo. With our budget we had to search for something that had to be restructured… and we found it! A fantastic piece of land in Ceglie Messapica with the most beautiful Trullo we ever saw… or at least that’s what it will become in a couple of years! 🙂

We will update you about our adventure in the land of Trulli, or what we call “Trulloland”, and we will give you information about all the good things that can be experienced in this land.