It’s a very long time since we posted news on Trulloland. It was a time when, besides our silence, the work progressed and we finally got our own trullo cones!

It was back in October 2015 and the builders were so kind to speed up the job so we could see all our cones completed during our short stay in Puglia. It was so nice to see what the final construction will look like. Also we were able to get on the roof and discovered that there should be enough space to place a chair or two up there. Perfect for an aperitivo with sunset views over the olive lands.

In the meantime also the electricity (enel) attachment was done so we will have power. 🙂 sounds obvious but things like electricity or water are not so easy to get in rural areas. In fact the water will be stored in a tank and will need to be refilled now and then by a truck which is the most common practice in rural areas of Puglia.

One unpleasant discovery during our last visit was a “river” on our land. Well… not really a river, but a depression in the back of the land where water stagnated after days and days of heavy rain. Rain was also flowing from the neighbour’s land towards this depression, and the amount of water was so high that our “muro a secco”, the perimeter stone wall, gave up allowing even more water to flow in. That’s one of the first things to fix when we will be able to spend a bit more time there… rebuild, stone by stone, the perimeter wall so at least the rain is democratically shared amongst friendly neighbours 🙂

Since November we have slowed down because of other priorities, but next week works will restart and we will have brand new pictures with the progress until we will be able to see it for real during our next visit to Puglia.

Upcoming activities will be, according to the builder, water and electricity installations. Very useful, but we hope to see something with more aesthetics during our next visit. 🙂

Here are some pictures from our latest visit in October 2015: