Cresce, cresce (it’s growing, it’s growing)! It’s what we heard ourselves saying the most during the last weeks when we saw our Trullo again and realised how much it grew over the last months. The builders did an amazing job. As soon as the weather was getting better (yes, also Puglia sometimes has rainy periods, even snow!) they continued the building works. The Lamie were pulled up in no time. When we visited in December, there were half-built walls which gave us a rough idea of what  things would ultimately look like. During our visit in April, we really saw a house come together!

Finally we were able to see the sizes of the rooms and how the barrel vaulted roofs will look from inside. I was always worried that we would not have enough space but now that I saw the rooms and how our builders are trying to use every available corner in a clever way, my worries are fading and I’d love to move in tomorrow.

The builders also were able to add some extra windows which will provide us more light in the rooms and also allows view over the beautiful landscape surrounding the house. I can already picture myself sitting at the kitchen table with a coffee or a glass of wine.

We decided to put a floor heating in all rooms also if we probably will have exploding gas bills due to that. But we really loved the heated pavements in the Trullo we stayed at in December. The plan is to save enough energy during summer by mainly living outside and make use of the pizza oven that we want to build.

Now that they covered the Lamie, the concrete will have to dry for one month before the works will proceed.

We also decided to let them take care of our trees that have not seen a cut since many years. The Xylella fastidiosa has appeared a couple of km away from our piece of land and we want to try everything possible to keep our trees healthy. Step one is to give them a nice cut and get the soil mixed which is also a fire prevention during the drier summer months. Soon we will have to start thinking how we arrange the outdoor space which will be another fun thing.