November/December is harvest time for olives. Everybody fishes the nets and the brushes out of the basement and starts collecting the olives from their own trees.

It’s a very fascinating time because all streets are filled with tractors, old station wagon cars, Ape’s (the Piaggio with 3 wheels) loaded with olives to be taken to the mill (frantoio) to get the olives squashed and bring home their oil. They say that when you squash your olives in November, the quality of the oil is better than when you do that in December, when the fruit has already become bigger. Hard facts on extra vergine olive oil can be found here.

In September we already collected our almonds and had a lot of fun doing so. So for us the olive harvest is a special event as it will be our first olive experience in general and it even will happen on our own piece of land! Well, this year it looks like mother nature wanted to give us an easy start into the oil production world as we don’t actually have that many olives. Only few trees have olives. It’s because we still didn’t take care of our trees properly. We will start doing that in February with the pruning of the trees. Currently they look like they didn’t see a pruning in the last 10 years.

Can’t wait to live this experience and bring home our own oil. Let’s hope that we get a small amount but especially tasty!