Before the workers went into the two weeks ‘Ferragosto’ break where literally all of Italy is on vacation, we received several updates on the building progress. We usually sit with the plan in front of the pictures and try to figure out what is on which side of the trullo.

As they had to unbuilt two cones completely, they are now rebuilding the inside structure to how it originally was. Everything has been reinforced by walls that will now be covered again with the original stones. The trulli usually have walls that are around 1 meter thick. This is why often the total amount of space is a lot less than what you see on the plan. The net usable space is always minus the walls which makes the spaces quite small. We were lucky to be able to get additional space aproved so that we can build some ‘lamie’ (rooms in a more modern style, oftern coming with a barrel roof) in order to have more room.

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine what it all will look like in the end but we love these picture updates and to see how the shapes are changing. It was really important to us, to have a builder that keeps as many original details as possible. So we were really happy when we learned about the little corner where the chickens were hiding.

In a couple of weeks we will be spending a week in Ceglie Messapica and finally we will be able to see with our own eyes how everything develops. It will also be time to decide on the floorings and other details. We can’t wait to be sitting on our land, overlooking the garden and think of how we want to create our outdoor space too.