We are really happy with our “Direttore dei lavori”, the person in charge of all the restructuring activities at our trullo. He updates us every day by emailing pictures of the progress. Getting those emails is surely a highlight in our daily office lives. It’s so easy to get distracted and dream of our future in Puglia.

Some days ago, while the workers were reinforcing the little “alcove” (little side cones) on the sides of the main trullo, they discovered that those sections of the trullo needed to be rebuilt to be safe. So they unbuilt the “alcove” and digged to reinforce the foundation.

While doing so inside of one of the “alcove” they discovered that there was an older floor underneath. We gained around half a meter down. In that gap they found a square hole in the wall. According to our “Direttore dei lavori”, that hole was used by the chickens to be in a safe place during the night in order to hide from the foxes.

This is the beauty of restructuring, you don’t know what you’ll find. Sometimes you find falling alcove but sometimes it’s worth to dig further and you’ll be surprised of what history you’ll find. And it also motivates us to find out more of the story of our trullo. Hopefully we have a chance to find out more about it.