We have already had so many positive surprises when traveling through Puglia. Many of them are food related as we are convinced that value for money is incredibly good there and you find some of the best food in the world in Puglia. But one really positive surprise was the climate during winter months. We have been last December and again in February to sign all the documents for our trullo at the notary office. Coming from a Swiss winter, we didn’t have any  expectations in regards to the weather. As long as it wouldn’t rain we would be happy. But then we happened to sit outside in t-shirts during daytime soaking up the sun. Of course at night the chill factor is there and you need a proper jacket but during the day it felt like spring in Switzerland. If you like to explore places and do sightseeing, we recommend to go visit Puglia between December and May, when the rates are low and business owners have more time to talk and socialise. Other than that, we think the best months to travel are June and September, especially if you like to have a swim in the sea. But a winter trip to Puglia is great for body, soul and stomach as well as your wallet!

One of our favourite surprises was a meal in Porto Cesareo in December. We have been to Porto Cesareo also last year in August and it was a torture… queueing with hundreds of other cars along the lungomare, everything overpriced and extremely crowded. People working were stressed and rude, something that we haven’t experienced in Puglia often. We returned in December to bring our dog for a run on the beach and wanted to have lunch at Porto Cesareo. Spontaneously we ended up in the restaurant of Hotel Grecale right at the port. The restaurant has a modern setting with large windows offering a beautiful view overlooking the sea. We already had ordered our food when the waiter brought a huge tray from the kitchen to a table close by. The tray was filled with linguine and seafood, covered with puff pastry: Pasta in crosta! Immediately we asked if we can change our order. It was no problem and we were so glad we changed! It was one of the most amazing dishes I have ever tried, beautifully cooked pasta with fresh tasty seafood and the puff pastry served with it. What a combination! Besides of the beautiful beaches in the area, this will be one of the main reasons to visit again.

So far I only found one recipe that seems to be similar. So if you happen to have a recipe for linguine ai frutti di mare in crosta, please share it with me!