When they were building our apartment in Switzerland, we were driving basically every weekend to the building site to check on the progress. We were so much looking forward to see the place develop and I still remember how we felt when we first stepped into our apartment (that was still at the raw building stage) and saw the sizes of the rooms for real.

Now with the restructuring of Trullo Giovanna in Puglia, the situation is different. They started building end of June and we will not make it South until September. We are dying to see what’s happening. Currently the builders are taking apart the cones of the trulli to reinforce the roof. What was the oven on one side as well as one part of the trullo have been removed as we will build two new ¨Lamie¨there which will become the bedrooms. Luckily our ¨direttore di lavori¨ updates us with pictures every other day so we can follow the progress. We can’t wait to see everything for real as soon as possible.

All pictures courtesy of Maggiore Associati.