A land of stones

This is a land of sun, sea and outstanding food!

Every place holds its own history

More than 60 Million Olive Trees

Centuries old olive trees populate this land and produce one of the best olive oils in the world!


Our Trullo

Read about how we are progressing with our Trullo restructuring


Probably the best cuisine in the world!


With more than 800Km of coast, a mild climate, there is a lot you can do.

Latest Posts


Long time no see!

It's a very long time since we posted news on Trulloland. It was a time when, besides our silence, the work progressed and we finally got our own trullo cones! It was back in October 2015 and the builders were so kind to speed up the job so we could see all our cones...


As we always get lots of requests from family and friends for restaurant suggestions and general tips on Puglia, we put together a new website. Mangiapuglia focusses on everything food related. You will find restaurants, bars, producers and every now and then a recipe...

Building progress

Back in April was the last time we saw our trullo but until then it has been growing fast! Now with the summer heat, the building progress has slowed down. The last pictures we have are from end of May but already give pretty much a picture of what everything will...


Cresce, cresce (it's growing, it's growing)! It's what we heard ourselves saying the most during the last weeks when we saw our Trullo again and realised how much it grew over the last months. The builders did an amazing job. As soon as the weather was getting better...

Grape Schiacciata

A couple of weeks ago we joined our friends from of the foto/food blog Spysundtrank in their garden to take the grapes that they grew and try to make grape juice. We spent a fantastic afternoon in the sun,...

Olive harvest is approaching

November/December is harvest time for olives. Everybody fishes the nets and the brushes out of the basement and starts collecting the olives from their own trees. It's a very fascinating time because all streets are filled with tractors, old station wagon cars, Ape's...